For children & adolescents a different approach

There are many ways to get a message across to children and adolescents. Big brands try using rap videos, others glamour. But what can you use to explain braces? A constant daily companion - how can we achieve the difficult goal of keeping kids motivated day after day?

By providing a good explanation? But what if the reflection in the mirror tells a completely different story...

Orthodontic treatment especially for children and adolescents is not just something that is reflected in our clinic's facilities, it is much more - a matter close to our hearts. Because one thing was true even when we were kids: When something is fun, you look forward to it!

orthodontics for children + adolescents

Right time
for treatment

As every person is unique, it is not possible to state a generic moment at which orthodontic treatment becomes worth considering.

Our tip: Take your child for a dental check-up once he/she is 4 years old, so that any unusual developments can be addressed as early as possible.

The advantage of identifying faulty growth or misalignment so early on is that we can react in the early stages itself and introduce the necessary treatment. In this way, a lengthy course of treatment can be avoided.

Furthermore, we also recommend that you go in for one more check-up at the latest by the time your child is 7 years old.

Early treatment

Do any of these questions apply to your child?

  • Does your child breathe through the mouth?
  • Does your child snore?
  • Is the tongue visible while swallowing?
  • Does your child bite his/her lower lip?
  • Are your child's lips frequently open?
  • Does your child complain of head, neck or back aches?
  • Did your child suck his/her thumb or a pacifier post the age of 4 years?
  • Did your child lose milk teeth prematurely due to tooth decay or an injury?

Did you answer "Yes" to one or more of these questions?

Then we should talk. These could be signs of a problem. After a check-up, we can give you a better idea about what treatment is needed.

An early diagnosis is important for the correct development of your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us as lingering functional issues can lead to faulty load bearing and thus improper development.

Why orthodontia?


The jaw is connected to the rest of the body through the temporomandibular joint and the cervical vertebrae. As a result, orthodontic treatment can positively influence posture and head position as also breathing and speech. This can lead to better all-round health.


With the help of orthodontic treatment, you can offer your teeth optimal protection from caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. This is because straight teeth are easier and better to clean, thus ensuring that they remain healthy and strong.


Today's ideal of beauty is defined by pretty, well-aligned, healthy teeth. After all, a glowing smile does not just look good, it also communicates friendliness and thus has an undeniable influence on your self-confidence.

Types of appliances

We have the right appliance for every patient! But which is the right one for you? Here you have some examples of fixed and removable appliances. We will identify the correct appliance for your child by talking to you and then personalising it to meet your expectations.


customized & flexible

Removable braces - also known as "loose" or "simple" braces - are orthodontic appliances that are made individually for each jaw (upper and lower). As the plate is made of plastic, the appliance can be personalised with different colours and designs. The appliance is held in place with lateral fixers made of wire.

The appliance can be adjusted with a stainless-steel screw, thus activating the movement of the teeth. There are also some models with a small spring, which can be used to achieve specific tooth movements.

Removable appliances require a good deal of discipline, as the positive change can only be achieved through regular wear. Therefore, the appliance must be worn as often and for as long as possible.

Invisible plastic aligners

Tooth misalignment is corrected using removable and practically invisible plastic aligners. There is no need for metal brackets and wires.

A series of aligners are individually created to gently help the teeth closer to the desired position. As Invisalign is removable, it offers optimal oral hygiene, but you have to be very disciplined about wearing it. This treatment is suitable for patients with light to mid-range tooth misalignments.

Functional -orthodontic appliances

A "twin block appliance" is a removable appliance for the upper and lower jaw, where both parts are constructed to fit together. Like simple appliances, they too have a plastic body and a number of wires and screws.

The big difference as compared to simple appliances is that this one sits loose in the mouth. It is used to correct the position of the upper jaw in relation to the lower jaw. Such appliances are also called functional orthodontic appliances and encompass a huge range of varieties like bionators, activators and function regulators.

Like simple appliances, these must also be worn as much as possible, so that they can start taking effect.


Metal brackets

Mini metal brackets are very sturdy and quite comfortable. This is the most frequently-used variant as it offers good value for money.

Ceramic brackets

Ceramic is a very strong material but also lets light through. As ceramic does not stain, the natural beauty of your teeth is plain to see. This makes it the more aesthetic alternative to traditional metal brackets.

Lingual braces

This is the high-tech solution for patients who have special aesthetic requirements. In lingual braces, a wire is fitted on the inner side of the teeth (towards the tongue), making it completely invisible. This modality of treatment is the first choice of working professionals. High-quality materials are used to make this made-to-order solution. It is also better for the teeth as the appliance is fitted on the inner side which is not as prone to demineralisation.

Course of treatment

1. Consultation

What can we do for your child? Orthodontics offers a range of different treatments to correct tooth and/or jaw misalignments. We look forward to a face-to-face, non-committal appointment with you, where we can present the options that fit your individual case, while also taking into consideration your needs and wishes

2. Treatment

We will be very pleased if you decide after the first appointment for us .

Now we create an initial diagnosis, which includes an examination of the temporomandibular joint , photo documentation , jaw models and radiographs . It serves as a basis for the individual creation of your treatment plan and take into account your personal needs and requirements .

Only then we go.

3. Service

We offer a wide range of modern treatment methods, which include removable and fixed appliances .

Which treatment is appropriate for your child depends on the individual tooth and / or jaw deformity and is decided after a comprehensive evaluation of the initial documentation produced .

Most removable ( Loose) clasps are indicated in infancy . This we can make even more individual through different colors and / or glitters . We are also expanding in the clasps a small microsensors what your child recalls the gestation period .

We recommend treatment options that work efficiently and gently and are also the highest expectations .

We are here for you!


Who is an orthodontist?

To become an orthodontist, you have to do a 4-year specialisation after your dentistry degree, where you acquire special knowledge about how to treat misaligned teeth and jaws.

You are licensed to practice as an orthodontist only after you have passed a corresponding exam.

Why go in for orthodontic treatment?

Crooked teeth are not only unsightly to look at, but also more difficult to clean. Between crooked teeth you get frequent gingivitis and tooth decay.

Also a good bite is important, because after you use every time when eating your teeth and your jaw. Although some deformity looks not so bad, it's so that reinforce these throughout life.

In children and adolescents can affect jaw growth yet. Therefore it makes sense to correct such misalignments in childhood and adolescence.

What is the general course oforthodontic treatment?

When you come to us for the first time, we will look at your teeth and make sure that the teeth of the maxilla and mandible well together.

If we notice that at you something has to be done and you with the change of teeth (how many baby teeth still are with you in the mouth) are far enough, we manufacture the necessary initial documents.

These include photos of you and your teeth as well as x-rays, impressions of your teeth and a short TMJ investigation. With these documents, we will then be able to make a plan in peace, what needs to be done with you.

What happens then?

Only when exactly it is clear what needs to be done with you, you get your braces in your second or third date. This can either be a simple brace, a double braces or - if you have all permanent teeth already - may also be a fixed appliance.

You get exactly explains how Carry your braces and care must. We check at each visit whether your braces fits well and if the teeth have moved.

Only if you wear braces quite diligent, the treatment will be successful!

How long does orthodontic treatment last?

How long the treatment lasts for you depends on how severe the deformity of your teeth. Tooth movement and growth of the jaw are slow, so the treatments usually last several years.

Can you keep a check on how long an appliance has been worn?

Treatment with removable ( loose ) clips requires a high wearing discipline of the patient in order to rapidly achieve optimal treatment success.

The prescribed by us minimum - wearing times is essential to follow . Otherwise, the treatment may extend or may have over even has to be canceled for lack of success over a very long period.

A longer duration of treatment means, in addition to the limited quality of life during this time, however, most significantly higher treatment costs.

Each of our clips has a modern microsensor, which checks using special measuring technique at regular intervals wearing the braces and these data stores.

What happens at the check-ups?

At each follow-up appointment, we read the microsensor of braces from the readout station and to evaluate on the basis of actually made wearing period and the adopted treatment progress treatment optimal and correct them if necessary, should this be necessary.

We also check how well the clasp sits, if necessary, we make small changes

How can you protect your teeth duringsports?

For dangerous sports, it makes sense to protect the children's teeth.

The best protection for the teeth is achieved by the production of a soft elastic tooth protection based on an individual dental impression.

If braces are worn, we can here make a personalized mouthguard to not prevent the importance for the treatment of tooth movement.

How important is oral hygiene?

For dangerous sports, it makes sense to protect the children's teeth.

The best protection for the teeth is achieved by the production of a soft elastic tooth protection based on an individual dental impression.

If braces are worn, we can here make a personalized mouthguard to not prevent the importance for the treatment of tooth movement.


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