Adults with a different secret!

Braces and adults - a contradiction? Modern orthodontics solves this dichotomy by creating tailor-made solutions just for you. There are many good reasons to go in for braces as an adult - but also excellent excuses. Braces are fine for others, but unfortunately not for me.

The beauty of modern orthodontic treatment is just that - its beauty. Modern appliances can be completely invisible and are easy to integrate into your daily life. You can thus lead the way - and no one will notice a thing. Except maybe in your smile, as you have a secret that will only be revealed months later - wonderful straight teeth and a carefree laugh.

orthodontics for adults

Good reasons

Why should an adult go in for orthodontic treatment? There could be a range of reasons. Orthodontic treatment directly affects your general health. Correcting a jaw misalignment can improve speech, chewing, breathing and even posture.

Plus with more beautiful, more natural and above all else straighter teeth, you can be natural and open while laughing. You come across as friendlier and more genuine, adding a clear positive boost to your self-confidence.


Though we thoroughly enjoy working with children and adolescents, we also focus on treating adults. We work in close cooperation with dentists and surgeons to find the most appropriate and most comfortable way to achieve the result you are looking for.

Orthodontic treatment for adults presents special challenges, which we prepare for through special training courses. Dr. Adriana Weiss is a certified Incognito® and Invisalign® practitioner and her qualifications and experience have made her an expert at treating adults.

Treating adults is a complex endeavour, as their aesthetic demands - both during treatment and after the treatment goal has been achieved - are much higher than those of young patients. Furthermore, the treatment method must also stand up to the challenges of daily life - both professional and personal.

Often, the starting situation is also sub-optimal. Already treated or existing damage like dental prostheses, bone loss, damaged temporomandibular joints etc. need to be taken into consideration during treatment.

Our solution is a combination to achieve all of the above. We start with individual consultations, confidentiality and transparent communication. This lays the foundation for a cooperative partnership based on trust, during and after the treatment.

We look forward to meeting you!


Adults who did not undergo any orthodontic treatment in their youth often suffer from pronounced jaw misalignments. Thanks to our network of doctors, we can offer integrated orthodontic-orthognathic treatment to correct tooth and jaw misalignments by collaborating with oral and maxillofacial surgeons.


Orthodontic treatment as an adult comes with costs, which are generally not covered by statutory health insurance. They only cover treatment in exceptional cases, for example a combined orthodontic-orthognathic correction (jaw surgery), or when the condition is sufficiently severe. The first consultation is covered by all statutory health insurance providers, as long as you present a valid health insurance card (an eGK electronic health card as of January 2015).

Private health insurance generally covers the cost of treatment. Your individual deductible will be calculated on the basis of your insurance premium.

Please contact your insurance provider to discuss specific conditions and costs. We also offer the possibility of payment in interest-free instalments.

Course of treatment

1. Consultation

What can we do for you? Orthodontics offers a range of different treatments to correct tooth and/or jaw misalignments. We will be happy to provide you a comprehensive consultation at a first appointment with no obligations. This will help us to orient ourselves to your individual needs and wishes.

We will help you on your journey towards a unique, stunning smile.

2. Treatment

We are happy if you decided after the first appointment for us .

Now we create an initial diagnosis, which includes an examination of the temporomandibular joint , photo documentation , jaw models and radiographs . It serves as a basis for the individual creation of your treatment plan and take into account your personal needs and requirements .

Only then we go.

3. Service

We offer a wide range of modern treatment methods, which include removable and fixed appliances .

Which treatment is right for you depends on the individual tooth and / or jaw deformity and is decided after a comprehensive evaluation of the initial documentation produced . Of course, your individual wishes and ideas are taken into account .

We recommend treatment options that work efficiently and easily and also meet the highest aesthetic demands .

Why orthodontia?


The jaw is connected to the rest of the body through the temporomandibular joint and the cervical vertebrae. As a result, orthodontic treatment can positively influence posture and head position as also breathing and speech. This can lead to better all-round health.


With the help of orthodontic treatment, you can offer your teeth optimal protection from caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. This is because straight teeth are easier and better to clean, thus ensuring that they remain healthy and strong.


Today's ideal of beauty is defined by pretty, well-aligned, healthy teeth. After all, a glowing smile does not just look good, it also communicates friendliness and thus has an undeniable influence on your self-confidence.

Discreet to completely invisible

Our adult patients mainly ask for treatment methods that do not hamper daily life and present a combination of high aesthetic discretion with comfort and functionality. Almost invisible to completely invisible appliances meet our patients' needs. There is a wide range of options.

the options
Ceramic brackets

These natural-looking, clear brackets allow the natural colour of teeth to shine through, thus making them the more aesthetic alternative to traditional metal brackets. The high-quality ceramic brackets do not stain, making the natural beauty of your teeth plain to see.

Invisible plastic aligners

Tooth misalignment is corrected using removable and practically invisible plastic aligners. There is no need for metal brackets and wires.

A series of aligners are individually created and fitted by your orthodontist to gently help the teeth closer to the desired position. As Invisalign is removable, it offers optimal oral hygiene, but you have to be very disciplined about wearing it.

This treatment is suitable for patients with light to mid-range tooth misalignments.

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Incognito® lingual braces

These fixed braces are fitted on the inner side of the teeth (towards the tongue), making them completely invisible from the outside. High-quality materials together with tailor-made appliances offer the best in aesthetics. It is also better for the teeth as the appliance is fitted on the inner side which is not as prone to demineralisation.


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Para entrar em contacto com nós, você pudera contactar-nos através do seguinte formulário ao seu lado esquerdo. Nós entraremos em contacto com você durante do horário da nossa abertura para marcar uma consulta pessoal com você.

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