„Nothing in the world is as contagious as laughter and happiness. Charles Dickens, author
Sure - some might say - but what's the reason behind your smile? That's not going to last forever, and so on and so forth.

We do not have the answers to all such questions, but one thing we know for sure: When you feel good, a smile comes easily, is natural and contagious. That is reason enough for us to place the comfort of our patients at the heart of treatments at our clinic - irrespective of whether it is to alleviate pain or improve aesthetic appearance.

To meet this goal, we have developed a clinic navigator - you can take a first look further on.

We accompany you along the way adult or child

Beginnings are always "easy" at least we try to make them as easy as possible for you. We want to get to know you/your child. Once we understand your priorities, we can go on to find the best solution for you, keeping the medical facts in mind. The "secret" to successful treatment is a comprehensive diagnosis and clarity about how the misaligned teeth/jaw can be corrected.

After a first check-up, we present the possible types of treatment best-suited to your dental situation. This consultation is not binding and the decision is up to you. Once you have chosen our clinic, we will explain your personalised treatment plan and discuss how it can be integrated into your daily life (or that of your child).

Medical history / first appointment

The first appointment is for us to get to know one another. Personal contact with our patients is very important to us and we therefore take the necessary time to get to know you and what you hope to achieve with your treatment. We would also like to make the most of this appointment to show you the different possibilities offered by orthodontic treatment. We look forward to meeting you!


The diagnosis lays the important groundwork for us to begin any treatment, which is why we carry out careful analyses and take stock of the existing dental situation. We check your jaw function, take x-rays of your jaw and also make an impression. On the basis of this diagnosis, we then formulate the ideal treatment plan for you. This is done keeping your wishes in mind, insofar as they make medical sense and are possible to fulfil.

Treatment plan

Based on our diagnosis - using photographs, x-ray images and check-ups of your temporomandibular joint - we then formulate an individualised plan for your orthodontic treatment. We make sure to take your personal requests and needs into consideration - insofar as medically viable.


Thank you for choosing us! With the help of the already formulated diagnosis, we can go on to provide you the best possible treatment. Your personal made-to-order appliance will now be fitted. We will schedule check-ups at regular intervals to document the progress being made and to make adjustments, if required, to your appliance to fine tune the treatment.

Final check-up

The moment of truth: This is a big day for us all. After a lengthy treatment period, the appliance is finally removed. In the final check-up, we analyse the progress that has been achieved through the treatment and congratulate you on your new smile. You made it!

Review from 04.08.2015
I can‘t stop smiling!!

Everything was perfect, I can only recommend!

Review from 08.02.2016
Excellent doctor, very good treatment.

I felt very comfortable at the clinic.

Review from 26.06.2015
Very satisfied mother. Worth recommending.

My daughter will be done soon, you can already see the results.

Review from 10.07.2015
Great doctor...

One of the best orthodontists in the Frankfurt area.

Real Patient-reviews

Developing a relationship of trust with our patients is important to us. Whether in person, on the phone, by e-mail or contact form - we thank you for your honest feedback. Please do send us your suggestions for improvement as well - we will take them board when possible. You matter to us as a person and a patient!

Like winning the lottery

„We are in Dr. Weiss’ treatment since some years and are thankful for everything. A good and qualified orthodontist. Here agrees everything.“

The full package of the clinic is spot-on

„I am very happy with the treatment of Dr. Weiss. The clinic rooms are very modern furnished and the personal is very nice. Each step is explained beforehand – even during treatment. All in all, I feel at ease and in good hands there.“

Here my wishes get taken into consideration

„I visited other othodontists and often had the feeling to be ill-advised. Dr. Weiss is very nice, honest and competent. She explains very transparent before the treatment all the possibilities and costs and takes own wishes and imaginations into consideration.“


Mówisz po polsku?

Unser Service für Sie!

Für unsere polnischen Patienten bieten wir an bestimmten Tagen in der Woche einen ganz besonderen Service an. Jeden Montag und Dienstag vormittag von 00.00 - 00.00 hours ist unsere Anmeldung für Fragen und Terminvereinbarungen mit einer polnisch sprechenden Empfangsdame besetzt. Bei Ihrem vereinbarten Termin wird sie ebenfalls anwesend sein, um Ihnen die Kommunikation mit mir zu erleichtern und den Termin für Sie so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten. Ich freue mich auf Sie!

Adriana Weiss

Você fala Português?

Serviço de chamada
Nosso serviço para você!

Durante a sua estadia podemos aconselhar e tratar os pacientes portuguêses em sua própria língua. Uma das nossas funcionárias fala correctamente português. Assim podemos responder aos seus desejas e as suas idéias para tornar a sua estadia connosco o mais agradável possivel.

Para entrar em contacto com nós, você pudera contactar-nos através do seguinte formulário ao seu lado esquerdo. Nós entraremos em contacto com você durante do horário da nossa abertura para marcar uma consulta pessoal com você.

Estamos ansiosos pela sua visita!

Adriana Weiss

Lei parla italiano?

Servizio richiamata
Il nostro servizio per lei!

I nostri Pazienti di lingua italiana, possono ricevere un trattamento neua lingua di origine una delle nostre collaboratrici parla fluentemente italiano. In tal modo potremmo occuparci peu piacevolmente, belle richieste da lei fatte è del vostro soggiorno qui da noi.

Per contattarci è possibile utilizzare il modulo adiacente. Appena è possibile vi contatteremo in relazione ai nostri orari di apertura, per poi prendere un appuntamento da lei richiesto.

Vi aspettiamo!

Adriana Weiss